24 March 2013

A Crappy Morning, Saturday 16th

It was ele-poo clean up this morning, probably Number 2 on my list of favourite chores we have had to do this week (ha ha). We cleaned out several of the enclosures and took barrow loads over to 'Poo Mountain'. It wasn't messy or stinky at all, just large balls of straw - but it made for a morning of poo-humour and much laughter!

This afternoon Navann came out for his mud bath. He has his own mud pit near the enclosure where he stays with his mother and aunt. He is only four months old and the youngest elephant here at the moment, although that could change within the next week or so as Sao Yai may have a baby anytime.

This evening a traditional Thai Dinner was held in the second level of the main platform, with entertainment provided by children of the local village. A collection was made afterwards which helps the kids with their schooling fees.


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  1. I love your blog and really enjoying your work vicariously.