31 March 2013

In the shade of a lychee tree, Tuesday 26th

I slept right until the alarm went off at 6:00am. Our first real work day of the week, and our new group were heading out to the cornfield for the day. It’s a tougher start to the week than some of the other chores, mainly because of being out in the heat for most of the day, but good to get it done. We sat under the shade of lychee trees to have lunch and continued working until about 1:00pm. A stop at the 7-11 on the return trip for ice cream was a welcome treat and also hot cup of ‘butterfly pea flower tea’ when we got back to camp. The tea was a beautiful blue colour, like a delphinium, but I will need to look that up and see where it comes from. Then off to the river for some tubing to cool off after a very hot days work in the sun. We have four work groups again this week, as we have around fifty volunteers and four volunteer coordinators.

The evening was quiet with a gentle warm breeze blowing through the valley. Annie and I sat and talked for a while and I helped her file some of her photos and video. As I retired to my room, there was an air of expectancy as many of us had heard that this could be the night that Sao Yai’s baby would arrive and we listened intently through the chattering of the regular jungle noises for sounds from the enclosure. 

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