15 March 2013

A Wonderful Day, Friday 15th

It was our turn in the kitchen this morning, preparing the Elephant Food. First of all, all the fruit is washed in a Potassium Hydroxide solution, just to make sure that there are no pesticides on them .... my hands turned a shade of yellow from being in the water so long. Lek has an agreement with local farmers that produce pesticide free fruit, that she will buy all their crop. However, to ensure that it is safe for the elephants, we washed all the water melon and pineapple. Then it was feeding time, it is so much fun giving the elephants their lunch and they are eager for get at the fruit, so the baskets are kept behind us as we feed them so that it doesn't all disappear at once.

After lunch, it was time for a nap with the dogs on the  terrace - the perfect place for a snooze in the sun!

This afternoon I had the fantastic opportunity to walk around the park with Lek and get really close to the elephants, in particular Pha Mai, sitting underneath her for a while with Lek and all the other members of the family around. It was an incredible experience and hard to describe, so I will just post a few pictures.

Enjoy!  :-)


  1. I love the pic of you and the dogs sunning yourselves. I'd do that, too! Love, Sean

  2. Les, how incredible that you actually are able to get so close to the elephants. Just looking at those photos brings my blood pressure down. And I love your dog napping photo too. :)

  3. These photographs are so amazing! Thank you for these. Sending love to you and the elephants and their rescuers. XOXO Natalia