9 March 2013

Travel Day

A one hour and twenty minute delay leaving Seattle (inbound flight was late) threw the rest of the day into question. A connecting time is Seoul of only 70 minutes evaporated and it was a roll of the dice whether I will be overnight in South Korea or continuing on to Chiang Mai. Thankfully the travel gods allowed a 'squeaker' to get from one plane to the next one - less than 20 minutes seat to seat, a run through the entire Incheon airport (and another security screening just for good measure). It felt like an episode from 'The Amazing Race".

 All in all I can say that I love Korean Airlines, the service was wonderful, meals interesting and awesome and the flight attendants both beautiful and attentive. One of the many meals was 'Bibimbap' (photo attached), some assembly required, adding the steamed rice to the main bowl, I ended up throwing the seaweed soup into there too and about a third of the tube of hot Korean sauce did it for me - delicious!
I got into Chiang Mai almost on schedule, it was 26c at 11pm and a it's similar temperature and sunny this morning and getting hotter. I'm heading out to find a department store to find some items I can't survive 24 hours without, until my luggage catches up!

Sa-wat-dee krap!

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  1. A close call for sure. I was following your journey and was sure it would be a missed connection for you. Do hope the luggage turns up!