14 March 2013

Field Trip, Thursday 14th

Well today I felt that I did my share of the chores. It was hot, humid and hard work. We left camp about 8:00am and drove for about an hour or so to a farm where we had to cut, collect, bundle and load 'Elephant Grass'. Machete's in hand, off we set for some tough work, it was dry and dusty and a full day of tiring, but rewarding, work. We had lunch in the field (literally) and had the company of three of the children belonging to the staff of ENP, they are so cute and they loved helping the volunteers and we all loved having them with us too. The truck was full of grass by about 4:00pm and we headed back to the park sitting atop of the load. It was a fun day and everyone was in good spirits, satisfied by what we had accomplished. 

After such a hot day, our group decided it would be a great time to go tubing on the Mae Tang River. The volunteer coordinators took us further up the valley to a spot just after some rapids where we could launch. A cold beer in hand, we floated down the river for about 45 minutes. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. Hello. I am a friend of Sean's and I just wanted to tell you I've read all your posts and I am so inspired by your adventure. I am definitely putting it on my "must do" list. Thanks for writing about it.