24 March 2013

End of week one, Sunday 18th

All of the other volunteers left today and there will be a new group arriving Monday morning to start the week off again.  It has been a lot of fun and I have some wonderful new friends (I’d have even more if I subscribed to facebook!  –  ha,ha guys – not there yet).  

I went over to the dog sanctuary and took Marlee and Wynoa for a walk, then went across the road to the compound and played with the puppies again. The rest of the afternoon was quiet with just two other people staying for an overnighter, as there are options to do a 1, 2 or 3 night visitor stay.  Just a few chores needed to be done this morning, the two main ones being Food Prep and Scooping Poop …. I opted for poop!

Photos of the entire volunteer group (above), our group: 'Group D' and the Volunteer Coordinators - Aek, Can, Jane and Say.


I got a load of laundry done here at the park, I handed it in at 5:00pm yesterday and picked it up today again around the same time, for 120THB ($4) it is a great deal for a full shopping bag load. At this point, I don’t know if I am changing rooms for this next week, so I’ll include a couple of photos of my accommodation for this past seven days. 

The ever faithful guard dog ‘Ahn’  spends almost his entire day on our verandah and sleeps there at night too. Always a wagging tail to greet anyone returning, he has become used to me giving him a ‘Jammie Dodger’ biscuit when I go out for the day and I think he is starting to expect one when I get back too, but supplies are limited and I’ll need to ration them to get through this second week. He is a very gentle, sweet dog and one of the original 65 dogs that were rescued, that stay permanently around the main buildings in the park and not over at the dog sanctuary.

It was a beautiful and quiet evening, eating and watching the elephants in the pasture. I took advantage of the lack of a crowd and opted for a one hour massage after dinner, it was just 150THB ($5) and laying there in the open porch, as the cool night air descended into the Mae Tang Valley, listening to the crickets beckoning darkness; I felt it was a great way to end a wonderful first week.

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  1. The Thai massage was not to strong for you ?