13 March 2013

National Elephant Day in Thailand, Wednesday 13th

It was a hazy morning, following a noisy night of dog barking and then the elephants joining the animal chorus. Apparently, I didn't work hard enough yesterday, as I didn't fall soundly asleep - waking several times ... even the rooster got into the act ... a long time before any alarm clock would. The sun rose through the morning mist and we started Thai National Elephant Day with the thermometer climbing quickly.

This mornings 'work' for our group was an "Elephant Walk'. Just as it sounds, it wasn't really work at all, as we followed our coordinator 'Say' around the park for a chance to visit with each of the elephants up close, with plenty of photo opportunities. Navaan, the baby born last October was of course the star and stole everyone's heart with his playful antics. Navaan stays with his mother and aunt, as he is too young to be out and about with the rest of the herd.

This afternoon I spent some time at the dog sanctuary playing with the dogs and taking some of the injured dogs from the clinic out for a walk, as they don't get out as often for some exercise while they recuperate. There are about 400 dogs at the sanctuary right now, some of them just very young puppies and all of them need homes ... if you'd like one, let me know and I can arrange to bring one back for you ... they all need loving homes!

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